Gas Furnace Repair Tech in Long Island helps with Gas Conversion

Oil to gas conversion

A good heating repair long island company will inform you that this fall, it may cost you about $1,700 to heat your house with oil while it costs less than $900 to heat the same house with natural gas. The oil prices are quite unpredictable, and the prices may go up. It only makes sense to look for a cheap source of energy.

Before making the conversion, it is good that you crunch the figures beforehand.



What are fuel types available in Long Island?

Over 50% of the homesteads around USA use natural gas for heating with only around 8% using oil. 34% of the people use electricity while the rest use solid wood and propane for heating. In Long Island, a few utility firms pipe the gas into homes on request. Oil is transported by trucks.

What is the cost of the equipment?

For a basic gas fired furnace (to use in a forced air heating system) or a gas heated boiler (for a hot water heating system), you will part with about $1500 to about $3000. There are high efficiency units that go at $3,500 to about $5,000. You will get a tax credit of up to $300 when you install the high-efficiency system at your home.

What is the cost of the hookup?

The gas system connection has two aspects. The first involves the connection of your home to the gas grid. The gas utility firm will run a pipe to your house. This costs around $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the distance from the road. If you already have a gas pipe running into your home, you will only need to have a line to the furnace. Most of the gas companies waive this cost to entice the customers to pick up gas system. The cost of piping the gas from the meter to the furnace will cost between $500 and $900. This is done by the gas furnace installation Long Island Company.

Are there any other expenses?

You may be required to line your chimney after switching to gas which costs about $600 to $1,500. This is necessary because the moisture that comes from the gas exhaust may damage the masonry. However, if you install a high-efficiency system, you will not need to line up your chimney. If you would like to remove the oil tank, prepare to pay around $700 for a tank above the ground to $3,000 for a tank buried deep. This is not a requirement for conversion. You may also require heating repair Long Island contractor to look at the duct system to ensure they are clean and do not leak before the conversion.

Benefits of oil to gas conversion

  • The natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. Unlike oil, it does not emit pollutants into the atmosphere ion combustion. Thus, you will not have to worry about unsightly odors, ash, and soot.
  • Natural gas is also safer than the oil. This is because it is not installed on site. Stored oil, on the other hand, may leak causing soil contamination and other dangers. The gas has a characteristic smell that notifies you there is a leakage that requires quick fixing on time.
  • Natural gas is also cheaper compared to oil. There are abundant natural reserves around the country to serve all the homesteads. Oil, on the other hand, is imported and susceptible to international price changes.
  • The gas furnace is simple to operate and requires less call to gas furnace repair Long Island companies as it lasts long.

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