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Before Starting Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY, Check for Oil Leaks

January 30, 2017

Why Hire a company that does Oil Tank Removal in Westchester NY to do a Home Oil Leak Inspection Before Buying a House?

Many buyers of pre-owned homes are not very keen on asking about the oil tank when asking about the HVAC.  This is a big oversight that many come to regret later after the purchase. Oil tank inspection NY experts say (www.myoiltankremovalny.com) that much litigation that comes up after a home buy usually involves the oil tank. This litigation arises as the new home owner tries to lay the costs of remediation on the previous owner when a leak is noted. This situation occurs due to the slow nature of a leaking underground oil tank.


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Gas Furnace Repair Tech in Long Island helps with Gas Conversion

January 18, 2017

Oil to gas conversion

A good heating repair long island company will inform you that this fall, it may cost you about $1,700 to heat your house with oil while it costs less than $900 to heat the same house with natural gas. The oil prices are quite unpredictable, and the prices may go up. It only makes sense to look for a cheap source of energy.

Before making the conversion, it is good that you crunch the figures beforehand.



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What Cesspool Pumping is Ideal for your Suffolk County Home?

October 5, 2016

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The common question most asked of a cesspool service in Suffolk County NY, is what is the difference between a cesspool tank and septic tank? A cesspool is a watertight tank that holds all effluent (liquid and solid) and has no outlet. It must be emptied frequently. A septic tank on the hand uses bacteria to breakdown effluent and discharges it to the surrounding area. This is a question that comes to mind when considering issues such as septic tank maintenance cost.

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October 3, 2016

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